Saturday, October 11, 2008

"He Calls me"SLUT"" ~I call him MASTER!~

I came from a conservative background and according to the understood customs of that very conservative group, settled down and raised a family of 3 sons and a daughter. After 33 years of busy living and "doing what's proper, lack of play and affection from overly possessive spouse who undermined me so thoroughly to our children, that they had no respect for me. Slowly the family eroded and there certainly was nothing left to hold on to.

Whether by random chance or Divine intervention, I met a man who I became instantly connected to in intricate ways. It seemed that he understood my needs and fed my intellect. I was drawn to him as a moth to a flame. There is no turning back, let me explain. I had found my soul mate.

I was at first unfamiliar with terms like, slave, sub, dom, and Master in the context of bedroom play, but I had been so deprived for so long that I was ready to explore. I am pretty sure that Master Samadhi had intentions to explore me also but this is my story for now.

I was very familiar with terms like worship, Master, Savior, unconditional love, acceptance, submission, passion, love slave, humility, honesty, integrity, and many others. I have been a student of the Cannon of what is commonly accepted as the "Holy Bible" for more than 30 years. I also studied healing arts and herbal medicines.

I was and am sensitive to Spiritual energy, and open to unconventional concepts. That aside, I am also very balanced in use of common sense and expect people I engage as friends to have the same most of the time. I have many friends who are limited in one way or another, and I very well know I have my own handicaps

The key to a great relationship is hard work. I for one enjoy work, especially when it is a project I enjoy. One recognizes that even the most enjoyable projects some times veer off-course, and there can be times of trouble, frustration and even anger. Mostly though it is a work of dedicated love, and overcoming the setbacks. It is driven by passion and zeal.

I would like now to take a deeper look at the term "submissive." I once abhorred the word, and avoided any association with it. But one day a good teacher explained that it was not a subjective, subverted or a low-class relegation of deprivation and obeisance. Rather one needs to think of submission as a set of gears with teeth.

In a machine these gears only work if they are well matched, and all the teeth are in prime condition. A matched set of gears can speed up, slow down, and greatly increase the power and strength of any of the pulleys alone. One alone, is far less than the result of two together when they work flawlessly. And one is almost useless alone. That being understood, the gears must synchronize, mesh, and submit each to the other.

Submission is a gift of a power exchange that we uniquely give to each other. It is rooted in trust. It is cemented and reinforced by love. Submission is also fragile. All of life and living, and all that pertains to it are no more than a breath. Everything we have gathered or hold dear and precious can be ours one moment and in the space of a millisecond be stripped from us, and we can only try and salvage the wrecked pieces.

Love is like that too. The unique thing here is that we do have ability in our choices that cultivate our garden, or allow the weeds, disease and vermin to sabotage and plunder.

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Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable read. You must be a wondeful slave to your Master.