Monday, November 3, 2008

pondering piercings

In case any readers were wondering, the current pic used in this blog's header is a genuine "Master Samadhi /slut katharina reproduction", featuring one of my sweet slut's breasts, as well as my own nipple.

Yes, Master has a nipple ring, and slut does not.

At least not yet.

I promised Katharina long ago, soon after we met, that I'd have her nipples pierced as a part of our final wedding/collaring ritual. She's still waiting, primarily due to circumstance currently beyond our control, rather than any hesitation to commit on my part. I'd actually like to have her bound on display, and then publicly pierced at a kinky reception, as a part of celebrating our wedding. She's a bit shy, so I can picture her blushing as she reads this later today, her mouth dropping open slightly as she considers all the implications of what I've briefly described.

I've threatened to used a remote control vibe on her if we do the piercing in public. In my mind, I like to imagine playing her like an instrument at that moment, pushing her over the edge of orgasm just as the sharp needle pierces through the tender flesh of her nipple. I picture myself tormenting her for days before the piercing. Teasing her. Bringing her sexual desire to a frenzied state of desperate wanting, only to deny the ultimate pleasure she's wanting so badly.

It a part of bringing all her senses to a fine edge, helping her slide into a dreamlike sub-space where everything is hazy, yet at the same time accentuated. After all that teasing, finally pushing her over the edge to bliss, literally at the moment that her flesh is painfully invaded by a piercing, would be the ultimate expression of my control over my slut. It's a potent image.

Of course, my slightly sadistic side savors the next inevitable moments.

As my slut begins to come down slightly from her sexual peak, her body flushed and moist from cumming for Master, it's time for a new reality. It's time for my pet to remember that the orgasm associated with her first nipple piercing was my gift to her. Having to endure the second nipple piercing, with all her nerve endings hyper sensitive and tingling in post orgasmic bliss, will be her gift to Master.

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